Pop tART Gallery presents HAPENIS


The Pop tART Gallery and conceptual portrait photographer, Franz Szony are pleased to present HAPENIS, The Art of Franz Szony. With a background in fashion illustration, Szony, who defines himself as an artist with a camera not brushes, creates photography from an illustrator’s perspective. His seductive imagery fuses the classical with the modern and depicts baroque aesthetics with a bizarre twist.

Recently shown at Project 1 Gallery in San Francisco, Hapenis is a collection of Szony’s most androgynous and abstract pieces and also serves as the title of the show’s statement photograph.

This body of work, gloriously heightened into a grand scale theatrical fantasy, reflects upon the artist’s personal life experiences. Hapenis is thought provoking, provocative and comical.

Currently, Szony is art directing and photographing new work for the international fragrance campaign for Amato couture based out of Dubai. The fragrance is entitled “Unholy” and was a job referred to him by LA based stylist Antonio Esteban and the incredible Marianna Harutunian, a jewelry designer best known for her crowns worn by Lady Gaga in the music video "Judas.Furne One is the designer for Amato couture and will be showing at L.A. Fashion Week, his upcoming show in October (Friday 19th) will be a presentation of his new collection in person. Hapenis will be an exciting introduction to Szony’s art, and an idea of what to expect for Furne's upcoming fragrance campaign art.






I do believe in beauty, but I also believe in intention, meaning, and the message behind that beauty. In my work, the imagery is seductive, but the feeling will encourage you to understand the story. Many of my photographs have come from dreams. The worlds and characters I’ve dreamt have inspired both minute details, as well as entire works of art, both aesthetically and emotionally. The diary I keep next to my bed is doused with sketches and excerpts. Most people think that when we are asleep, we are unconscious. However, some philosphies say that we are more conscious when we are asleep then when we are awake. If so, I can’t help but think our dreams to be more real and truthful that the physical world.

The lush costumes and sets I create are meant to evoke a nostalgic feeling in the viewer, an image from “times past.” The symbolism is revealed through props, and the emotion through the characters. If you can respond the beauty of art, look deeper for the feelings, then go even further, you can find the “space between your thoughts.” The best place to be. My passion is to inspire people into this state of mind. Art is an expression of what we think and how we feel. Being that we are all connected, our dreams and thoughts are not solely exclusive, they are transcendental.

My intent is to contribute to the universal language. Art.


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