Mondo Topless Tiki Party APLA Fundraiser


**** Time for one of those infamous Fubar Tiki parties ****

Hi friends, Help me raise money for aids/hiv care and prevention for APLA

GoGo Girls

GoGo Boys

Drink Specials all night

DJ Jasten King

Raffle Prizes

Help Support APLA

Here's the skinny -

I'm running with APLA's T2EA and do a 13.1 mile trail run in December on Oahu. From the beach - along a volcanic peak - beside cliffs - and through dense rainforest.


Easy - Because we have people right here... in our own backyard that need our help! APLA has provided food, home health care, and other services to thousands of people whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS. Many of them are living in poverty and have nowhere to where to get help! It breaks my heart and I want to help.

...and besides who doesn't love the lactic acid burn after a backbreaking uphill half marathon (yikes).

I'm going to do my part and have started training my 44 year old ass but I need your help with the fundraising part... SO COME PARTY WITH ME!

If you can't make it to the party check out my fundraising page and click on the yellow "Donate" button.



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