Golden Girls LIVE On: Stage Reunion and Christmas Episodes - A Parody


From 1985 to 1992, millions of Americans tuned in to catch the loveable antics of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose & Sophia. Now they're back, only this time, Live On Stage! The 60-minute show is a loving tribute to our favorite mostly gray-haired gals with a Drag Cast.

The show is a parody and features back-to-back episodes written in the voice and flavor of the original sitcom.

Once the lights dim, the infamous 'Thank You For Being A Friend' plays (often accompanied by audience members singing along) & the actors make their way through the crowd, they receive a warm & welcoming ovation.

Things get slightly 'Rocky Horror' at some points when a handful of audience members start reciting dialogue along with the cast, proving what a cultural icon the show was and still is.

The show features two back to back episodes - The Funeral Reunion that picks up one year after the original series went off the air and The Christmas recollections of the girls.

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Show dates and times included below.

Date Time Type

Wed, Dec 5 8:00p

Thu, Dec 6 8:00p

Fri, Dec 7 8:00p

Sun, Dec 9 2:00p

Wed, Dec 12 8:00p

Thu, Dec 13 8:00p

Fri, Dec 14 8:00p

Sun, Dec 16 2:00p

Wed, Dec 19 8:00p

Thu, Dec 20 8:00p

Fri, Dec 21 8:00p

Sun, Dec 23 2:00p

Wed, Dec 26 8:00p

Thu, Dec 27 8:00p

Fri, Dec 28 8:00p

Sun, Dec 30 2:00p


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