Men's Club


Every Friday
Starting January 25th

Weho's Only/Male Only House Music Night

A playground for the debaucherous male with no inhibitions. The house music will pump all night long, what you do in the dark
is up to you and stays in Men's Club. No judgments, just pure safe fun for all, the naughtier the better. Follow our Men's Club
Male Code and all will be set free. Feel you in Men's Club.

With Resident DJ's Dave Banjela and Barbeau

Dark Room/Drink Specials/Dirty Sleazy Go-Go Boys

visuals by etaliae

***Men's Club Male Code***

By attending Men's Club Los Angeles, you agree to follow a strict code of not Tweeting, Tagging, Posting, Telling, Snapping Pics,
Texting or any other form of revealing what you're doing or where you're at. What happens in Men's Club stays in Men's Club.
We're here to provide a safe party environment judgement free. No ones watching.

***FUBAR - 7994 Santa Monica Blvd / 10pm-2am / 21 & Over / No VIP/ No Names***


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