BackToDisco 10 Year anniversary


In 1979, Disco was un-officially declared dead. 24 years later in May of 2003, Disco was revived & given a second chance at life! It’s now been 10 years & Disco is once again thriving & full of life.

On Saturday May 18th, all disco lovers are invited to join the 10-year anniversary of the team that brought it all back, BackToDisco.

Over the past 10 years many others in different shapes & forms have used our name to promote their own events, but don’t be fooled, there is only ONE BackToDisco.

On Saturday May 18th, join us as we celebrate BackToDisco’s 10-year anniversary. For an event of this Significance, we figured there is only one place that would be appropriate & large enough to accommodate all of our supporters, the only original Discotheque, still in existence with a capacity of 3000 people, Circus Disco in Hollywood.

Happy birthday BackToDisco!!!


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