Dog Pound: Bark n Sniff

This is one for the service pups. It's Veterans Day and we honor our own army of Los Angeles Pup contestants, with the biggest baddest Dog Pound event of the year! This Event was the biggest Dog Pound all year! It serves as a precursor to the LA Pup Contest, there will be tons of raffle items, and it's the only place you can mosh with the contestants! We also will do the number draw, and the first round of judging. The first round is puppy pit participation, so all you puppies that aren't competing need to get in the mosh and enjoy the night with your pup brothers, sisters and handlers!

$5 cover goes to fund more Los Angeles Pup events in the future! If you are a pup and you don't have a lot of money and want to go to this event, reach out to Matthew Mullins. He can get you on the volunteer list. No pup left behind!
  • Bullet Bar
    10522 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood
  • Friday Nov 11, 2016
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