Fuel for Nightmares—Cronos

LACMA | Bing Theater
Details: http://bit.ly/29Kb1AK

1993, 94min, 35mm, Mexico | Directed by Guillermo del Toro; written by Guillermo del Toro; produced by Arthur Gorson and Bertha Navarro; cinematography by Guillermo Navarro; film editing by Raúl Dávalos; production design by Tolita Figuero; music by Javier Álvarez; with Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook, Margarita Isabel, Tamara Shanath

Guillermo del Toro’s 1993 feature film debut as writer and director is a lush and frightening take on the vampire myth, which drew early admirers and established del Toro’s ability to bend genre and create sympathetic, complex monsters. In the 16th century, an alchemist created a mechanical scarab that could grant eternal life, along with a few bloody side effects. Four-and-a-half centuries later, the device falls into the hands of an elderly antique dealer, Jesús Gris (Federico Luppi, who became part of del Toro’s informal repertory company), who winds up the machine and unknowingly sets the scarab—and those who know its power and want it for themselves—into action. The dying Dieter de la Guardia (Claudio Brook) and his nephew Angel (Ron Perlman) are ready to kill for Gris’s eternal life. As Gris begins to crave blood and fear sunlight, he still attempts to maintain his loving relationship with his granddaughter Aurora. Cronos might be a vampire movie, but del Toro purposely avoids many tropes associated with the genre. The movie’s focus therefore isn’t romance or sexualized blood-sucking, but is instead loss, addiction, family relationships, and the passage of time—even immortality doesn’t allow one to turn back the clock. At once beautiful and terrifying, it has the feel of a dream with a life of its own that became the motivating power of all of the director’s projects.

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Ticket Info:
$10 for LACMA Film Club members. LACMA Film Club members can purchase tickets starting at 12 pm on Monday, July 11.
$12 for LACMA members, students with valid ID, and seniors (65+); $15 for the general public. | Members of these four groups can purchase tickets starting at 12 pm on Friday, July 15
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  • Friday Oct 21, 2016
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