Wolfpack Hustle: The All City Century 10 Year Anniversary Ride.

10 years.
100 miles.
10pm at Tangs.
All City Los Angeles.

Finish at the Griffith Observatory.



Mobile Phone
Lights + extra batteries
Cash and ID

Head East on Fountain Ave 0.3
Curves left into Hyperion Ave 2.0
Cross Hyperion Bridge merge on Glendale Blvd 2.3
Right on Larga Ave 3.0
Left on Fletcher Drive 4.2
Curves right into Ave 36 4.3
Left on Eagle Rock Blvd 5.2
Right on York Blvd 7.9
Continue on Pasadena Ave 8.2
Left onto Arroyo Drive 8.9
Proceed onto Arroyo Blvd 11.7


Left onto Seco St 11.8
Right onto West Drive 12.3
Right onto West Washington Blvd 13.4
Right onto Rosemont Ave 13.8
Curves into Seco St 15.0
Right onto West Drive 15.5
Continue up Salvia Cañon Road 15.7
Right on Linda Vista Ave 17.2
Curves left then first right across 210FWY 17.3
Left on Oak Grove 17.4
Continue on Oak Grove Drive 18.0
Left on Foothill Blvd 18.3
Proceed on Foothill Blvd 19.7
Left on Verdugo Blvd 19.9
Proceed on Verdugo Blvd 20.9
Left on Verdugo Road 21.8
Continue on Cañada Blvd 23.5
Right on Verdugo Road 23.7
Proceed on Verdugo Road 24.1
Continue on Glendale Ave 24.3
Proceed on Glendale Ave 24.4
Right on Glenoaks Blvd 25.6
Proceed on Glenoaks Blvd 26.7
Proceed on Glenoaks Blvd 36.8
Left on Osbourne St 36.9
Continue on Osborne St 39.0
Right on Arleta Ave 39.0
Arleta Ave Curves left into Devonshire St 42.8
Proceed on Devonshire St 42.8
Left on Woodley Ave 43.5
Proceed on Woodley Ave 47.9
Pass Victory Blvd 49.8
Right on Metro Orange Line Bikeway 50.1
Bike Path Curves Around Lake Balboa
Bike Path Continues under Balboa Blvd
Bike Path curves back onto Balboa Blvd
Turn right to follow Bike Path Across Park
Proceed on Oxnard St 50.3

**** RED BULL / COFFEE and DONUTS ****

Left on Louise Ave 50.9
Left on Burbank Blvd 52.0
Right on Hayvenhurst Ave 52.7
Left on Ventura Blvd 54.1
Right on Sepulveda Blvd 54.3
Proceed on Sepulveda Blvd 56.0
Continue on Sepulveda Blvd 62.7
Right on Wilshire Blvd 62.9
Right on West San Vicente Blvd 65.3
Proceed on San Vicente Blvd 67.3
Curves right on Ocean Ave 69.2
Continue on Pacific Ave 71.6
Left on Washington Blvd 71.6
Proceed on Washington Blvd 71.9
Right on Via Marina 71.9
Left on Admiralty Way 72.1
Proceed on Admiralty Way 73.6
Right on Fiji Way 73.8
Proceed on Fiji Way 74.3
Proceed on South Bay Bike Path 75.2
Left across Mustache Bridge 75.2
Proceed on Pacific Ave 75.6
Left on Culver Blvd 75.7
Continue right and up Pershing Drive 76.2
Proceed on Pershing Drive 76.3
Left on West Manchester Ave 80.1
Proceed on West Manchester Blvd 85.3
Left on South Hoover St 85.3
Proceed on South Hoover St 88.9
Enter Coliseum Drive 89.1

**** LA COLISEUM ****

Exit Left on Figueroa St 89.3
Proceed on Figueroa St 91.6
Left on Chick Hearn Court 91.6


Exit Chick Hearn head Left on Figueroa St 92.8
Proceed on Figueroa St 92.8
Right on 2nd St 92.8

**** 2ND ST TUNNEL ****

Continue on 2nd St 93.2
Left on South Hill St 93.2
Right on West 1st St 93.5

**** CITY HALL ****

Left on Main St 93.8
Continue on North Main St 94.0
Left on Cesar E Chavez Ave 94.0
Continue on Sunset Blvd 96.2
Proceed on Sunset Blvd 98.3
Pass TANGS curve into Hollywood Blvd 98.6
Right on North Vermont Ave 98.9
Left on Franklin Ave 98.9
Proceed on Franklin Ave 99.8
Right on North Serrano Ave 100.0
Left on Los Feliz Blvd 100.0
Quick Right onto Fern Dell Drive 100.4
Continue on Western Canyon Road 101.2
Proceed on Western Canyon Road 102.1
Right on East Observatory Road 102.3
Continue on West Observatory Road 102.5
Arrive at Finish

  • Tang's Donut
    4341 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Monday Nov 14, 2016
  • Event on Facebook


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