Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause
Walt Disney Concert Hall

Thursday, November 17, 8:00pm

Los Angeles Philharmonic
Scott Dunn, conductor

Rosenman: Rebel Without a Cause (world premiere of film with live orchestra) (c. 111 minutes)

When most scores were influenced by 19th-century composers, Leonard Rosenman revolutionized film music, taking it into the 20th-century with a potent mix of serialism, jazz, and the rhythms of Bartók and Stravinsky.
The way he came to score Rebel is quite a story in itself. Rosenman was roommates with movie star James Dean (and even gave him piano lessons); Dean introduced him to Elia Kazan — who directed Dean in East of Eden, Rosenman’s first film — which led Rosenman to meet Nicholas Ray, director of the controversial but acclaimed Rebel Without a Cause.

Film courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Co.

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  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
    111 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles
  • Thursday Nov 17, 2016
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  • 3238502000

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