Ovahness 11: Legends of the Future

It's that time. Legendary Mother Gia Mizrahi presents:
OVAHNESS 11: Legends of the Future
Saturday December 17th, 2016
Commentated by Icon Jack Mizrahi and Legendary Enyce Smith
Sound by DJ Ben Xtravaganza
Admission $40
Tables $100 in advance $125 at the door ( a table purchase does not include admission)
Organization/ Vendor Tables $200- This includes 2 Ball tickets a resource table and 2 chairs for 2 staff members (additional staff are required to pay general admission)

Grand Prize: Runway as a House
Jupiter is Ascending and the wedding is approaching. We have no idea what to wear to the function. Create a cohesive look that will upstage the bride and groom. Will she gag that you look better than her, or will she go about her day and pay you no mind.... wow us with your look- (3 members+, 1 team per house) 1 Trophy $2500

Mini Grand: Realness as a House
Tonight we want to see your futuristic family come to life (3 members+, 1 team per house)
1 Trophy $500

Mini Grand: Fashion as a House
In a space age theme, we want to see how big and bad you are. Bring it wicked and slay us with your drop dead gorgeous head to toe look and let your style shine (3 members+, 1 team per house) 1Trophy $500

Welcome to the Milky Way. Tonight is your opening night and we want you to wow us and show us that you belong in our solar system.
Virgin Face- 1 Trophy $50
Virgin Runway- 1 Trophy $50
Virgin Vogue- 1 Trophy $50
All Virgin categories bring it in a galaxy inspired effect.

Old Way vs New Way
You never know where you are going until you know where you have been.
Old way: you are the black hole, bring it in all black
New way: you are a new forming star, bring it all white- 1 Trophy $100

Vogue Fem
We know there has to be life on other planets so tonight we want you to show us what could be out there. We want to see extraterrestrial creatures vogue for their lives. (Be creative)- 1 Trophy $150

Realness w/a Twist
Tonight we want to see robots come to life. Part 1, bring it like the terminator and part 2, bring it like Ex Machina. Wake it up or get deprogrammed- 1 Trophy $200

FF Performance
In the name of Jane Fonda, "My name isn't pretty-pretty, it's Barbarella.". Vogue down in a Space Mod effect. Think “Barbarella”- 1 Trophy $150

OTA Performance
It's all about performance tonight. Your task is to bring your favorite sci-fi movie to life. A production is a must. 2 min max- 1 Trophy $250

OTA Club Kid Face
This is the parties of all parties and your face needs to be beat for the gods. Bring us a futuristic club kid look inspired by one of our 9 planets or any of the other ones out there- 1 Trophy $100

Commentator vs Commentator
Do you have what it takes to be the future voice of the world, show us what you got- 1Trophy $100

BQ up in Pumps
Give us a space age look with a space age shoe to match, 4" or higher- 1 Trophy $100

OTA Best Dressed
We know where fashion is, now show us where fashion can be. The year is 4016... Go- 1 Trophy $150

Street Wear
Earth, wind, fire, water: use one of these elements as an inspiration for your look... be creative and be sure to wow us- 1 Trophy $150

OTA Labels
How fashion forward are you???? Show us what you got. 2016+ pieces only- 1 Trophy $200

Sneaker vs Sneaker
In the name of Tron, we want to see lights, lights, and more lights... be creative- 1 Trophy $150

Foot and Eye
Create a look inspired by precious metals. 2016 pieces only- 1 Trophy $150

Ota Sex Siren- Sponsored by getPrEPLA
The battle of the Superheroes
Cat Boy vs Jr vs Senior vs FF
Cat Boy: bring it like the Silver Surfer, don't forget your board- 1 Trophy $100
Jr: bring it like Thor, don't forget your hammer-1 Trophy $100
Senior: bring it like Doctor Strange, don't forget your cape- 1 Trophy $100
FF: bring it like Mystique, don't forget your skull accessory- 1 Trophy $100

OTA Realness
School boy vs Pretty Boy vs Thug vs Executive vs Drags vs Jr Trans Women vs Trans Women vs
Jr Trans Men vs Trans Men
The Enterprise also known as the Starship Enterprise sailed the infinite space going where no man has gone before. The ship was a sailing city with many people and creatures aboard. Bring us a character from Star Trek- 9 Trophies all will battle for $400

OTA Runway European or All- American
Small vs Tall vs Big vs Drag vs Trans Women vs
Trans Men vs Legends
The future is uncertain and we don't know what it holds and we can only use our imagination of what it will be like.... well tonight you will end the guessing game and bring us a jaw dropping futuristic effect using unconventional materials. Oh and one more thing, something on your effect has to move... good luck and don't f@&$ it up- 7 Trophies all will battle for $350

Stay posted for prize updates.

This event is funded in part by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC PS15-1502); the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Division of HIV and STD Programs in partnership with Children's Hospital Los Angeles; and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.
  • 356 S. Mission Rd
    356 S Mission Rd, Los Angeles
  • Saturday Dec 17, 2016
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