WDS Halloween Spooktacular Dodgeball Tourney

What It Is: The 14th Annual Nightmare At Stoner Rec: A Fundraiser Tournament
Where: the Stoner Rec Center in Los Angeles,CA

Lowdown : Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water everybody’s favorite Halloween funnymen Freddy Krueger Melencamp, Mikey “Oscar” Meyers, Large Marge, Chucky and that loveable little dog Cujo invite you to be part of one spooktacular dodgeball event.

*Schedule for Saturday!*
1:45pm Check-in (Waivers signed on site)
2:15pm Games start
6:15pm Head to Busby's for grub and hugs
Don't forget to bring your bags of candy for extra lives and to enter to win a free season of dodgeball!

10 players with a minimum of 3 ladies on the court, costumes are mandatory (up to 12 per roster). We are having only one "social" division. The Gremlins Division is meant to be for folks interested as much in putting together a hoot of a costume as playing killer dodgeball (don’t try to be too much of a nightmare in this division). Best team costume wins a prize and it may be bigger than the one for first place. This naturally means costumes are mandatory. All games are played with the official WDS No-Sting rubber ball. But space is limited so don't be a zombie.

Register Now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wds-halloween-spooktacular-dodgeball-tourney-tickets-27608564961

Since Halloween is when all the zombies come back from the dead, you should be able to do the same during your games! Get a Zombie-Band by bringing a bag of "fun-sized" individual packs of candy for the park to use in their Halloween festivities for the kids, or buy one for $5 cash. (Max 2 per person. Zombie-Bands valid during round-robin games only.) Anyone who gets two bands is automatically entered to win a FREE SEASON OF DODGEBALL!

This is a benefit for the Stoner Rec Center. Proceeds from the event go to make park improvements, youth scholarships and after school programming possible.

Some important things to note:
-All costumes must be PG-13 (Save your rated R for your Freaky After Party!)
-Per gym request - please no body paint or anything that can leave a mark on the brand new floors! Only water in the gym.
-NO alcohol or smoking permitted (failure to comply equals you gotta go. We will have plenty of time to drink after the dodging)
-NO scuff-able shoes will be allowed.
-Costumes are mandatory.
  • Stoner Recreation Center
    1835 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles
  • Saturday Oct 22, 2016
  • Event on Facebook


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