TransNation: Wildness (w/ special guests TBA)

With special guests TBA

Also screening This Is Me: “Bathrooms”

A disembodied voice beckons us deep into the rich history of the Silver Platter, Los Angeles’s longest-standing gay bar, the lifeblood–and a lifeline–for the mostly Latino LGBT community of MacArthur Park. Club regulars address their warm sense of family alongside the continued plight of undocumented workers, alluding to the activism sometimes necessary to maintain the safety of an oft-maligned community. When a younger generation—their interest piqued by the club’s decades of history, wild energy and spirit—moves in on the sacred grounds of the pioneers of Latino queer nightlife, will the vanguard embrace the changes inherent in an exuberant new wave, with their countercultural performance art and new perspectives? Can a scrappy crew of art kids truly create a reinvigorated, safe space for both the young and the old? The Silver Platter suggests there’s room within her walls for everyone.

Dir. Wu Tsang, 2012, Digital Presentation, 73 min.


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