Trivia! With Pickle!

Every Wednesday night starting October 5th, come test your knowledge of Beyonce, US History, Movies, Beyonce, Art, Entertainment, Beyonce, Science, and most importantly, Beyonce.

Pickle will test the deepest catacombs of your mind, but more likely she'll make fun of you while you rack your brain trying to remember what year Jack Nicholson won an oscar for "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" which is ALSO the year Reese Witherspoon was born (answer at bottom)

Come enjoy drink specials, Bar Mattachine's new delightful menu of amazing nibbles and a trivia experience that will CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THE WORLD! Or maybe you'll win the $50 bar tab and some free underwear.

First Place $50 bar tab!
Andrew Christian giveaways all night!

Answer: 1976
  • Bar Mattachine
    221 W 7th St, Los Angeles
  • Wednesday Oct 5, 2016
  • Event on Facebook


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