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Continuing their successful streak as one of the haunt season’s go­ to locations in Downtown LA, warehouse­-turned­-arts-­space Think Tank Gallery is pleased to announce the world’s first sci-fi horror art show and escape room mashup. The Think Tank’s Trap House is a scary movie buff’s dream, welcoming a nightmarish trip down memory lane with some of the industry’s most legendary monster and SFX makeup artists while drawing patrons into an immersive escape room experience designed by one of the best in the emerging industry. From October 8th-31st, patrons can experience art and horror in a way never done before.

Featuring work by Andrew Freeman (Immortal Mask), Blake Neubert, Cig Neutron, Scott Hove, Ave Rose, Ben Ploughman, and many more; some artists with work solidified in the art historical canon at Guillermo del Toro’s groundbreaking Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) exhibit, Trap House will run as a traditional (and free) art showcase, while drawing patrons into something more sinister: a secret escape room.

While the gallery is filled with fan­-favorite pieces, it also houses the centerpiece of this Halloween experience: a hidden escape room sending signals outward to gallery attendees as participants try to break free, encountering scares and attempting to get out while their actions manipulate the art pieces outside like never done before. Designed by illustrious escape room designer Adam Millicevic from Universal Studios Japan, his return to Hollywood will build and break from his most recent project in Japan where over 200 visitors got trapped in an unprecedented high stakes experience. Six guests at a time will enjoy his curated 30 minutes of panic as they navigate the terror of DTLA’s dark human trafficking past, an extravagant and fun take on a real issue with a portion of their ticket purchase going to prevent Skid Row human trafficking.

Attendees who are in the know will be able to find their way inside… But once there, it will be a challenge to escape the nefarious holding cell and operation room with their organs intact and make it safely back into the gallery. Targeted puzzles within the escape room will trigger signals in the gallery itself and broadcast escapees’ actions into functional, conceptual art installations inside the gallery. Technology and SFX makeup will collide as never attempted before in Trap House’s ambitious cross-platform presentation.

A lounge in the back of the space hosted by Sailor Jerry will serve up drinks to all—and special gifts to triumphant survivors who escaped death’s clutches—doubling as a good place to chat about what was just survived without spoiling it for the souls waiting to enter. In Think Tank Gallery’s signature style, this lounge will also host a curated calendar of nightly programs by local event producers. From Serial Killer Speed Dating and a Coconut Club cocktail party, to engaging supper clubs like Mbombo & Friends to a Columbus Day Fuckboi Pilgrim costume party with MATALA and immersive theater takeover by Screenshot Productions, expect this to be a Halloween to remember.

Trap House is free and open to the public for art viewing October 8th-31st, 2016, with hours from Wednesday – Monday, 3 - 11pm on weeknights and noon to midnight on weekends. During those same hours groups of six or less can buy tickets to the secret Escape Room. Ticketed events will fill the lounge each night. Purchase tickets, view a calendar of events, RSVP for art viewing, or start your escape experience story at

Trap House will be free and open to the public October 8 - October 31; Monday, Wednesday-Friday from 3-11pm and weekends 12pm-12am. Groups of six or less can purchase tickets to the secret escape room, RSVP, and view a calendar of events at

About Think Tank Gallery

In addition to hosting Halloween staples like “ALONE: An Existential Haunting” and Drunken Devil Productions over the last few seasons, Think Tank Gallery has spent the past six years converting their 13,500 sq. ft. warehouse into one of DTLA’s most formidable names in immersive art. Since joining local and international brands to build everything from reactive skate parks to functional coffee shop sculptures. Their most recent collaboration with Cirque du Soleil invited over 30,000 guests from around the world to walk through a large cake­themed installation, highlighted by a new cultural event each night. – escape room tix, events and daily rsvps

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  • Think Tank Gallery
    939 Maple Ave, Ste 200, Los Angeles
  • Saturday Oct 8, 2016
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