Gay Male Speed Dating, Spring Edition. Ages 40+.


Spring is approaching us, and so is the opportunity to find a new “flower” to pick!

Pitfire Pizza West Hollywood is excited to host our group again! Come early, grab a slice, and get ready to speed date!

Keep in mind, this is only ONE marketing avenue we use for our events. Don't be afraid to commit if the turnout seems low on the event page.

*Early-Bird* $39 BEFORE April 18th
$45 BEFORE April 26th

Just as a reminder, here is what to expect at our event:

1. Tickets are limited, so please purchase in advance! We especially get a surge of interest at the beginning of the year.

2. You’ll get to meet over 15+ men in one night! We will not have an event that is low in turnout.

3. Please respect the age range. We have events for all ages. Bring your ID. The reason why we have events for all ages is so we don’t have people that are coming to events that are too young or too old for them. If you are not within the age range posted, please do not buy a ticket. There will be other better fits down the line, which also means more successful dates!

4. Dress like you would on a first date. If you are coming from work, that’s ok. Just look nice, change into a nice clean shirt. No tennis shoes, no hats, no flip flops, and don’t chew gum. Put your best impression forward, you only have about 3-5 minutes to do it!

5. You will date for around and hour-and-a-half to two hours, depending on the turnout of your group. You will be seated in a rectangular pattern and will rotate clock-wise, that way, you are eventually meeting the guy beside and in front of you. You will take notes and circle the name of the person you are interested in. After everyone has met one another, the host will collect your match sheets, and will e-mail you in 48 hours with your mutual matches and the matches that “liked” you. After the party is over, you can mix and mingle with participants, making new friends and having a wonderful time the rest of the night! If you have mutual matches, you will get the results within 48 hours via email. Please e-mail with any questions or feedback.

6. Don’t worry if this is your first time. We get a lot of first timers at our speed dating events. Just have fun, smile, and be engaging. Bring your friendly personality and a positive attitude to the event. If there are no matches for you, then try again. Be positive when it comes to dating and you’ll find your match soon.

*Please review our cancellation policy*

Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be given no refund, no credit, no exceptions. A cancellation made within 48 hours in advance, may be given a credit only at the sole discretion of the event organizer.
  • Pitfire Pizza West Hollywood
  • Thursday Apr 27
  • Website

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