Mr Wiggles Hip Hop Camp Los Angeles pt2


Evolution Dance Studios: 10816 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601, TIME TBA
JUNE 24th
June 24th

2 hours Hip Hop: Latino Influence, Webo, Freestyle, Rock, Electric Boogie, Groove, Smurf, Freak and more...

2 hours Funk Styles: Drills, Scarecrow, Puppet, Roman, Master Flex, Ground Moves, Animation, Handstyles more..

MR WIGGLES HIP HOP CAMP and ALL STYLES DANCE TRAINING! Poppers, Lockers, Rockers, Wackers, Vougers, BBOYS/BGIRLS/HIP HOP Freestylers. (all levels, train together) Also a TEACHERS CAMP to help improve knowledge in dance studios. The objective of this Camp is to raise awareness to all the Street Styles that existed during the time of creation of HIP HOP. Even street movements that were not a part of HIP HOP but helped Influence Hip Hop. Shine light on concepts that were done during his time on the streets


- BBOY HUSTLE: (Social Partnering style of dance) Is a 2 man Bboy Freestyle that can do at a HIP HOP JAM using the Basic 2 step of Breaking. Although rarely done or seen back in the days. It did take place at original JAMS where BBoys/BGirls Dance and Slap 5 (ghetto handshake) while getting down. The title (Bboy Hustle) Is actually a Name given by PHASE 2 (Hip Hop Pioneer who was at early Kool Herc Jams). ALEN NESS and WIGS have adapted this style for todays BBoys and BGirls to use as a Social Dance.

- DALE WEBO: (a freestyle dance done in the early 80’s based on “NEW WAVE music that was introduced. Described by Pioneer "MELLOW" as a LEG DANCE or a spiral version of lofting, very Sexy at times done with Male and Female Partners. Wiggles will teach Basic Webo Freestyle Moves and Steps. Web has influenced HOUSE and Moves can be seen in Breaking.

- ELECTRIC BOOGIE: (BBoy/BGirl Popping or Popping with the BOUNCE) This dance has moves that has influenced many styles including House, Hip Hop Freestyle and Breaking. The Influence by the Electric Boogaloos performances on Soul Train in the early 80’s. This dance is still being done in Hip Hop Freestyle Battles.

- HAND STYLES: moves inspired by 52 Blocks, Burns, Threads, Tuts, and all technical arm styles. Mr Wiggles will draw from his own experience in HIP HOP dance to bring you all the original hand gestures and poses of HIP HOP since the 70’s.

- FREAK DANCE was the biggest HIP HOP dance in the late 70;s that even have a disco song called “FREAK OUT le freak ze shiek” This disco song is talking about a specific HIP HOP dance that came out in the late 70’e. Mr Wiggles will teach all the basic FREAK DANCE steps of the 70’s.

-SMURF DANCE: An original Hip Hop Party Dance. Mr Wiggles will teach how the Freestylers did it. The Hard Too Step version. Take SMURF to the next level.
  • Evolution Dance Studios
    10816 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood
  • Jun 24-25, 2017
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