Drag Daze: Amateur Drag Competition for Charity


Drag Daze: Amateur Drag Competition for Charity!

50% of Proceeds benefit APLA HEALTH (https://www.facebook.com/APLAHealth/)

If you are interested please email email Kim Weekes (kimmymweekes@gmail.com)

$125 Cash Prize for 1st Place
$50 Prize for Best Dressed

Up To 8 Contestants have one hour to get into drag and compete to win amazing prizes! But dangers await....

Before our rising stars get into character, members from the audience will have the ability to SABOTAGE our hopeful queens & kings, making their race to victory more exciting and challenging. Complicated stunts and wacky props await our shady ladies and dominant doms. And then it's a matter of sobriety...can they keep it together?

Cheer on your friends! Sabotage your competition.

The audience is the judge, jury and executioner!

Ma7 20th, Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood
Doors Open at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm
$10 Admission.

$25 Donation to Charity - choose a prop or stunt a contestant must perform during their number.

$40 Donation to Charity - able to go backstage and help your friend or contestant get ready for the show!

Contestants bring their own wig, shoes, and clothing.
Song must be no longer than 3.5 minutes.
Contestant must arrive without make up or clothing on.
Contestant must have a signature name.
Contestant must complete all required performance challenges to be elligible for the grand prize.
Winning Contestant's will automatically secure a spot in the All-Stars Challenge.

Drag Daze is a partnership with Varsity Gay League, Hamburger Marys WEHO benefiting APLA Health.
50% of all procceds at the door go to APLA
100% of Sabotage proceeds to go APLA.
  • Hamburger Marys WEHO
    8288 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood
  • Saturday May 20
  • Event on Facebook


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