ATM Art Talent Music at Bar Mattachine!


ATM - Art Talent Music at Bar Mattachine with guest host Tony Berrow!!
With Haus DJ youngsamuel @instagram_sam666 and guest DJ Dano @danosuits
Guest Performers:
Jem Jehova @leatherandehiskey
Enrique Jesus Hernandez @enrique.jesus.hernandez
Sylvia Divinorum @sylviadivinorum

Guest Artist: Alan Ishii @alan_ishii_music

Hosted by ATM Art Talent Music @hausofatm
Valentine Anger @thevalentineanger
Ursula Major @ifvckedursulamajor
Spike Prince of Cats @spike7
Bang Galore @bang_galore
Cherry Sur Bete @cherrysurbete

Haus Photographer: Rob Sanchez @prana360
Haus Videographer: Les Sterling @lessterling


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