LGBTQ Day At The Beach


Let's queer/lbtq up beach while playing in the water, having a bonfire, and eating food. It will be POTLUCK style where someone brings something to share. Please keep in mind there may be vegan and gluten free people who go to these events. So not all the food has to be vegan or gluten free friendly but preferred some of it be. Also, if you bring alcohol make sure it's covered​ and in red or blue cups, don't want people to get in trouble. Extra wood is always a bonus for the bonfire/food. Most importantly this is safe and consent space, so feel free to wear however you feel comfortable wearing.

Exact location of which pit(s) I will be announced day of the event as its a first come first serve basis. Parking is also available for free in the street overlooking the beach. It's also near lax so you may see a ✈ or two flying by.


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