The Avalon Hotel

100% love it
Clean, modern design
The Avalon boasts a fabulous in-house restaurant, bar and a great location in Beverly Hills. A little far, but some-what walkable to West Hollywood.


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      JimmySF Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Chic & Sexy
      This is an amazing hotel, but even better than the hotel is the crew that works here. We have never staying in such a welcoming place, ever! Everybody was always nice and cheerful. It was easy to get used to it! We even were talking to a waiter (Jack Garcia, I think that's his last name) and we mentioned that we had a few friends meeting us in a couple hours for some drinks before we head out, he said that he would reserve a great table for us. So we went and took our cat nap and got ready for the evening, to our surprise and delight, he reserved one of the bungalows for us. It was great drinking by the lit up pool lounging on the sofas! Thanks to everybody at Avalon, you made our stay in LA a very wonderful visit.