Canter's Deli

100% love it
Epic Old Hollywood Style
Canter's Deli is the epidomy of Los Angeles Jewish Deli, serving out Matzo Balls, Ruebens and Deli Pickles 24/7. Replete with an overwhelming menu and decorum unchanged from the 60's, just turn your drunken head and you might see the ghost of Sinatra chompin rye.


    • bakonative
      bakonative Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Free Parking w/Validation
      Pastrami on onion roll, fries, & fresh homemade kosher dill pickles on the side....... yummy in the tummy.

    • MattTwoTee
      MattTwoTee Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My favorite LA Eatery
      This place is everything you dream about LA. 60's swinging Hollywood Style with an epic Deli Menu, great pickles, and old bitties servin it up all night long! A must visit, I love it!