Yogurt Stop

100% love it
Your favorite fruits
WeHo's own Yogurt Stop is a popular hangout featuring "fiercely" original concoctions for a healthy way to scream ice cream.


    • socaliscorpio
      socaliscorpio Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun "gay" flavors
      This yogurt stop is fun because it has "gay" flavors like "Harvey Chocolate Milk" and "Circuit Boy Citris" (or something like that). The staff is friendly and the little outdoor seating area is nice. Good people watching.

    • neilf3
      neilf3 Over a year ago

      Love the late hours, never a line and friendly staff.

    • ravercabbie
      ravercabbie Over a year ago

      If your yogurt weighs 17 ounces it's free

    • timlutz
      timlutz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This Place Rocks
      A great concept for frozen yogurt! Pump your favorite flavor into your cup and then add your toppings!! Cookie batter is one of my favorites... topped with chunks of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and crumbled brownies! Pay by the weight.

    • aleshep
      aleshep Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love Yougurt!
      On a hot afternoon, after the gym, this is the best place to meet for a yogurt with Blueberry's and nuts! You can also go nuts with all the sexy guys walking buy...

    • KevinOnTheGo
      KevinOnTheGo Over a year ago

      The place to pump it yourself!
      This place is yummy. I have now been there twice since it is just around the corner from my house. They have about five yogurt flavors which you can pump and mix with toppings yourself and you pay by the ounce. .44 per ounce, i believe. Their flavors have fun titles like Pumpkin Party Patch and Get Lucky Irish Mint. I had a great peanut butter and cake batter combination with a brownie and fudge at the bottom topped with caramel and butterfinger pieces. Yummy. And if your order weighs exactly 17 oz. it is free. One of these days I will get it exactly right, but until then I will enjoy the pump!