Alibi East & Back Alley Bar

92% love it
Friendly people and beer on tap
Between the glamour of Hollywood and the hot desert fun of Palm Springs, Alibi East has served Pomona, the Inland Valleys, OC and beyond.


    • hypnoticmix
      hypnoticmix Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Party On The County Line!!!
      This place has been around for decades and it's popular so I'm at a loss for why I'm the one bringing it up here now. Alibi East was my Friday Night Special back in the 90's. $2 at the door, $2 domestic, Latin boys too numerous to count & fine as the day is long and open till 4am Fridays & Saturdays. Things change though. The bar has been remodeled & modernized, it now has two dance floors, the cover charge is $5, domestic beer is $2.50 and after hours is only on Friday & only till 3am. But the Latin boys are still numerous and fine. If you're Anglo/white and you feel self concsious around a large group of Latinos drinking and looking at you probably not a good idea to go. I only say this because I know white people who tell me this is why they don't go to the Latin bar here where I live now near Oakland. I think it's absurd my self but what ever floats your boat. Anyhoo it's a fun bar go check it out. Pomona is in East Los Angeles County off the 10 & 60 fwys. A 45min. drive from Hollywood. 30min. from Anehiem, 20min. from Pasadena and 30min. from San Bernardino & Riverside.