Coral Sands Motel (Closed Permanently)

75% love it
GayCities Members report that Coral Sands Motel has closed
Vintage Hollywood glam
This gay-friendly spot prides itself on privacy. Of the 60 rooms, many face the center courtyard with a pool and hot tub.


    • mooknice
      mooknice Over a year ago
      Hates it

      NOT SURE
      It is no longer a gay hotel. Reception is not very friendly. Room was ok but it did not seem to be very clean. Next time I will find another place. I did not like too much

    • meatpuppet4you
      meatpuppet4you Over a year ago
      Loves it

      never been there
      Can you meet gay people thtre?

    • bebegatz
      bebegatz Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I love the Coral Sands and its staff, but it's no longer a gay hotel anymore. It's gay friendly but the clientele is now heterosexual travelers. It's still reasonable and great if you need a clean place to stay with free parking and centrally located. Free Wifi too.

    • bakonative
      bakonative Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Old hat, new tricks.
      My Husband and I have been staying here since 1982. I must admit the owner/management have made changes this year converting the business from "GAY" to "GAY Friendly". No X-rated Adult(gay)movies being broadcast on the T.V. I still find the place comfortable, convenient and ECONOMICAL when visiting the area. The staff have always been friendly.

    • 2inphx
      2inphx Over a year ago
      Hates it

      do not stay here
      my partner and i stayed here on 11/27 and 11/28 and would never tell anyone else to stay there... we got out as soon as we found a wonderful hotel that was clean and treated the guest right. Its funny that when we stayed there wasnt but 3 other people staying there but when we went to a real hotel it was full. Also they take a crazy deposit on your card.. my hotel stay was 2 nights for only 136.00 but they put a 200.00 deposit on my card.. the other hotel did it the right way and charged my card for the nights i stayed and not some crazy deposit for more than my stay was... dont go is all i can say.. thanks

    • hypnoticmix
      hypnoticmix Over a year ago
      Loves it

      5 nights in Coral Sands
      First of all the major points. Don't let the lobby fool you. The room is remodeled and clean. I imagine they'll get to the lobby sooner or later. Customer service/Maid service is excellent. The cleaning lady is the sweetest little thing. Center court yard is really cute and well maintained. Lots of out door seating and a picnic table, candles at night and pipped music in the court yard. The pool is large and deep and the hot tube is on and ready 24/7. Apparently some of the local gays do use this place as a motel/bath house so yes you will notice some cruising. But noticing and feeding into the energy are two very diffenet things. If it's not your cup of tea just ignore and they'll get the msg real quick. No one bothered me once I sent the signal I'm not here for that. No reason we can't co-exist though. You do you and I'll do me ;-)> Every one who stayed here was nice and there was never any noise issue late at night. I like this place because it's in a great location whether you have a car or not. I flew into LAX took the Fly Away shuttle to Union Station and hopped on the Red Line to Western Ave/Hollywood Blvd. and walked half a block to the motel. It's also situated right next door to a grocery store, a few fast food locations and Thai Town. If you like Thai food Mmm M! Central Hollywood is to subway stops away and dwn twn L.A. is a hop skip away. When I wanted to go to West Hollywood I simply walked 10min. dwn Western to Santa Monica Blvd. and hopped on the 4 did the reverse coming back. Although they have free parking f.y.i. 5days with out a car was simply not an issue. If you're gonna get hung up on other men doing their thing that has nothing to do with you then probably not a good idea to stay here. But if you don't mind or perhaps you care to join check it out.

    • Gigaman
      Gigaman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      New surrounds help gay classic
      I've visited the Coral Sands about eight times over the last 15 years and loved the occasional raunchy evenings. Two free (good) porn channels and reasonably well looked after although prices have risen in 2009 to $90. Now, NO PUBLIC nudity is on the sign-in sheet. The reason seems to be to allow straights to stay - although there was only one couple when I was here in JAn 09. The sauna is also closed (or being refurbished?), but spa and pool remain. On the brighter side, the place is clean, rooms are large with King beds, TV and remote actually works on about a dozen channels, free Wi-Fi (good signal). This area was a dog when I first started coming, but in recent years the whole surrounding area has come alive with two large shopping centers in the same block, a choice of about four great Thai restaurants just minutes walk away, ATMs, Ralph's, Starbucks, Chinese next door, and excellent parking at the hotel. Its also close to Hollywood and about a fifteen minute drive to West Hollywood. Like the San Vicente, this is one of the LA's two classic gay hotels. One only hopes that the odd straight customer's wont deter its historic clientele. Deserves more gay custom.

    • ericolav
      ericolav Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Older cruisy hotel in Hollywood
      This is not the Waldorf Astoria by any means - it's a cruisy older basic hotel in the heart of Hollywood. Yes it is a little worn, but I had a great stay there. Porn on 2 channels daily. Nice pool & hot tub area, where guys cruse. There are some drugs so be careful. I saw a guy smoking meth in his room.

    • travelingman
      travelingman Over a year ago
      Hates it

      one star too many
      the ad pictures are old and deceiving. this is a broken, run down place with a lockdown feel and heavy smell of odor-hiding spray. it's creepy-cruisy with lots of hangers-on and a rehab feel. affordable gay los angeles should be able to do better than this place.

    • deeinlosangels
      deeinlosangels Over a year ago
      Loves it

      No attitude gay run motel
      Great safe place for the Gay community as well as the trans community