LAX International Airport

100% love it
The mother of all airports
Locals generally hate it, but LAX is the area's busiest and biggest airport, made up of 9 terminals including a large international terminal.


    • AirmaleX
      AirmaleX Over a year ago


    • BlackMambaTUL
      BlackMambaTUL Over a year ago

      One of the best airports in the world!

    • ravercabbie
      ravercabbie Over a year ago

      Need a ride to or from LAX from anywhere in Southern California .

    • ChrisTinaBruce
      ChrisTinaBruce Over a year ago

      Hint: gate number first digit is also terminal as LAX does not like signage.

    • AmazinRacer
      AmazinRacer Over a year ago

      The hottest guys are always here.

    • nastyboie
      nastyboie Over a year ago

      No place to sit if you have a layover