Gay Los Angeles and West Hollywood: All about the cool 'hoods

Some people hate it, but those who love Los Angeles - really love it. If you can handle the traffic, the tans and the "business," you can have a great time in LA's gay scene. A must for any gay traveler in the area is West Hollywood--an autonomous gay city right in the center of LA. With 40 percent of its citizens identifying as gay, WeHo is in fact the gayest city in the country. LA boasts some other great gay 'hoods, from pockets of Silver Lake to more mixed and trendy Mt. Washington and Los Feliz.

Yes, there are more options for men than for women, but a good time can still be had by all. And remember, nobody walks in LA, so you have to plan your evening or beach trip well, especially if you are drinking. Unless you are in West Hollywood, bars are not a hop, skip and a jump away from each other, so make sure you keep enough money in your pocket for a taxi. If you're interested in a different kind of cultural pursuit, there is gay theatre, music and incredible Hollywood attractions. You never know, you may just get discovered while you're there...

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