85% love it
All-male private club
Indulge at Flex, a men's membership only spa offering an outdoor pool, a steam room, and video lounges.


    • seanchai
      seanchai 1 month ago
      Hates it

      bad experience
      1. Not Chinese friendly 2. Ticket is expensive 3. Boring inside, only have rooms everywhere.

      HUNGNATIVETOP Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The spot to get what you need.
      Absolutely love Flex, the boys are mostly a hot crowd, as for the staff I have a lot of love for each of them. I only have one problem here... I'm not allowed to bring in a bag.... I wish management would have the time to help me out with this. Still love you guys no matter what.

    • dvdzapata
      dvdzapata Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Terrible site, really terrible stuff and experience. Never again. Dirty, drugs, old.... nothing make me back this nightmare place.

    • ToddJSaporito
      ToddJSaporito Over a year ago

      #FLEXSpasSpotLight-> @FLEXSpas #FLEXSpas

    • NovakRoss
      NovakRoss Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The place has been closed since 12 th May 2014 !!!
      And it doesn't look good! It's rude and truly annoying nobody has taken at least the common courtesy to put something on the web: we still live in such an hypocrite society? Since a place is a bath House it's gotta be rudely kept and managed ( as it indeed was) while nobody would even put a tweet on their current twitter account or website to save the sinister and lame clientele left, an useful trip to a parking lot that has been saying the business is no more for 10 days now, while cars keep on patrolling the area, wondering what happened, before turning around to yet another place or back home? Not even a phone recording? Revolting, bad and truly seedy!

    • BHCritic1
      BHCritic1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A fun place
      I always have a good time. I never have a problem getting laid. Sunday afternoon is the most popular day, especially when it is hot.

    • DuckRoggers2038
      DuckRoggers2038 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      It's wasn't bad
      It was just ok... Nothing special but nothing bad. Great place to go if you can't drive home to OC.

    • 007mike
      007mike Over a year ago
      Hates it

      flex LA fool us.
      they took 40% of the gym got rid of my favor equipments and what we got after 4 mounts of work? a cold room like refrigerator they remove the soft rubber rug and left it with cold cement floor. they hang a plastic drape make a hole in the central . and this is our miky mouse glory hole wall no one can use it as glory hole. the orgy bed is 5'x6 smaller then twin size bed not comfortable even for two guys. in the front there is an empty space like 7'x20' not in use. what a west. it is poor designs, poor materials, and we're poor guys that we can't enjoy it. somebody hang a questionnaire over there and asked how we like the new room. out of 45 guys only 4 sine I like it and 41 dislike it. it means 91% of the costumer don't like it but the dummy supervisor there don't give a dam.

    • sopleed
      sopleed Over a year ago

      If you're into exotic men like myself, this place isn't for you. Majority of visitors I've seen there were white usually. Rooms are small and maze is just horrible, I can't even call it a maze :-/ my choice is midtowne spa.

    • regitave
      regitave Over a year ago
      Loves it

      so delictious

    • bbwhore
      bbwhore Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good and Bad times
      Sunday seems to be the best day to go during the week. Lunch hour during the weekdays can be fun as well.

    • manchildnyc
      manchildnyc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      what a mess
      the space is great. the upkeep and the staff is a disaster. it can take an hour to check into this club. several times i've found myself at the end of a line of six or seven guys, and it takes the clerks at least 10 minutes to check in each. that's because, while there typically are two or three of them, they spend most of their time talking to one another. also, when they change shifts, the whole place comes to a halt. then you're talking of a wait of up to an hour for one person to get in the door. the gym, old but workable, has been closed for weeks. the steam room stinks. you get the picture. why, in our gay world, do we put up with crap like this. why, when there are well-run clubs in places like Chicago, does LA have to have such a dump? save your money and go elsewhere

    • rennyben92
      rennyben92 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      looks nice

    • worldtraveler13
      worldtraveler13 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Keeps Getting Worse & No Longer Popular
      I've been going to Flex LA for several years. It has become very unpopular over recent years & whatever clientele there is, is very poor quality & pathetic. I've traveled around the country & world for both business & pleasure & have come to the final conclusion LA has a horrible bathhouse scene, especially considering the size of the city & gay population. It's obvious all hot guys of any age/type are on line at home & not going to Flex or other sex venues in LA. I'm not a fan of the on line hook up scene, but I will neither waste my time nor money to walk around depressing, miserable Flex LA again!

    • BiBen
      BiBen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A decent bathhouse
      This is a decent bathhouse. Part of the Flex chain of bathhouses, it's not nearly as grand as the Flex in Cleveland, but it does have the usual amenities. Lockers, rooms, a full gym, video lounges, showers, etc. There is also a very nice outdoor area with a pool and jacuzzi. The water in the pool was a bit cold for my taste, but the jacuzzi was very nice warm temperature and had some very strong jets. Parking shouldn't be an issue as they have their own parking lot. Parts of the club have been recently renovated it appears, but overall it's a bit tired and worn -- however it's relatively clean. On the Friday afternoon that I visited, there were more than enough folks in the club for me to enjoy myself. The clientelle was mostly middle aged (30-50ish). Of all the bathhouses I visited in Los Angeles, I ended up having the most fun at Flex.