Scare Bear Campout

Hey Care Bear Campers and Friends :

Join us again as we venture out to Camp Crystal Lake and embark in another fun adventure in the wilderness ! This year we will be doing early check ins Thursday October 13th and taking over Crystal Lake Campground located in the San Gabriel mountains North of Azusa - off of old Highway 39 !

This is usually our last camping trip of the season - we are looking into renting a Cabin this winter to keep all the seasons loaded with fun !

Remember this is fall seasons so the day light is a lot shorter this time of the year ...( also nights can be pretty damn cold so prepare to bring items to help you with not freezing out in the woods ) !!

This is Bear country so please make sure that you never keep food or drinks that contain sugar in your tents - THIS COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE !
More information coming soon as we prepare you for our very first SCARE BEAR CAMP OUT !

Save the dates : The campground is $12.00 per night per vehicle - ( WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE FEES ) - this campground accepts Cash only - so don't forget to bring your cash ! remember this is a first come first serve camp ground and in the event u might have a late arrival - plan accordingly to make sure u have everything needed to successfully Camp Out in the woods .....( we look forward to a Spooktaculer camp out ) Don't forget, Barrels of wood are available at the Crystal Lake Cafe - they do accept cards at the Cafe - BUT NOT FOR THE CAMPING PERMITS !!!

Your Care Bear Captain -
Little Boy Blue Bear <3 <3 <3 �


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