Roman Holiday

82% love it
No-frills bathhouse
Roman Holiday has a reputation for attracting an older crowd—and one that is often married.


    • David10c
      David10c 5 days ago

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    • ReadyEddie
      ReadyEddie Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Four visits
      Been there four times and it was great fun. I was nervous the first time but it didn't take much time to loosen up. In fact after about an hour two well hung guys loosened me up well. I was there four three hours and was with five guys. Every time since has been great. Better than fumbling around in a bar. Everyone is there for the same thing. As a bottom I find it erotic to just lay there and wait for someone to enter and plow my ass. Safe sex is a must and they provide rubbers and lube. The steam room is a good place to get head but if you want to fuck, get a room.

    • dudleydoright10
      dudleydoright10 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great place to start out
      Unlike the other more "active" (public sex) baths, most of the activity at Roman Holiday takes place in the steam room, sauna or private rooms. I was a bath virgin the first time I visited, and found the low pressure attitude of the place made me feel comfortable. Managed a nice round of 69 with a gent in his room, but my time was limited so after I came - I left. We'd left the door open in case anyone wanted to watch, didn't notice a real crowd, but I was somewhat distracted. I like to watch and show. I went again a few days later when I had a few hours to spend. This time I sprung for the room (seem to recall it was around $20 or, maybe $25.) Room was small, but the linens on the single narrow bed were clean, there were hooks to hang my clothes on, and the room was clean. Good enough for the purpose. First off to the steam room where I met an older Asian gentleman - still in good shape with a lovely bubble butt who needed it plowed. The club provides both rubbers AND lube in the pack they give you with the towel, but it's a real PITA to open the lube package in the steam room. Finally managed and we had a nice time, putting on a short show for the other occupants. After that I went up to the roof deck to build up stamina again (I'm not 20, and not ready to go immediately) where I sat opposite an early 30's slim, hot Hispanic. We made eye contact, and some mutual rubbing revealed he was a bottom and liked his nipples played with. Shortly after went downstairs to my room and he followed. He gave me the blowjob of my life. Unfortunately he must be a bit shy since he wanted the room door closed and the window in the door covered over. That was OK for me - having someone this hot blow me made almost anything OK. After a very good time we thanked each other (he'd managed two loads from me in one session) and he split. Shortly after I had to split. If I lived in the area I'd be pretty much a regular there. Clean, low pressure, not too expensive and quite discrete. Recommended.

    • Marlinbrando
      Marlinbrando Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good times
      My first time going and I had a good time id recommend it.

    • bbwhore
      bbwhore Over a year ago
      Loves it

      middle of the afternoon
      I had a great time the 1st time that I went here. The only downside is that its cash only to get into the bh.

    • BiBen
      BiBen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Not Bad At All
      This is a decent bathhouse. Very simple and clean -- there's a television lounge with comfortable leather sofas and chairs, an eating area with vending machines, free coffee, a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, showers, and a roof deck. Lockers and Private Rooms are available for rent -- and professional massage services are also available (I did not partake, so I cannot comment on that) It's fairly small, but I found the facilities to be clean and well maintained. And the guy working at the front desk was polite. The clientele is certainly a bit older -- you're not going to find too many 20 year old studs here, so this might not be for you if that's what you're looking for. However, the night I visited, I found a handful of attractive, fit, sexy and willing middle aged men that made for a fun evening.

    • louie1959
      louie1959 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First time
      This was my first time visit bath house, so I didn't know what to expect. The place just looks empty when I arrive, and got charge $24.00 to get a room for five hours. I was asking to put any valuable items in a safety box, then the clerk just give me the key to my room. The hot tub was great for get soak in hot water, and the sauna also hot and very clean. The sun deck also provides a few lounge chairs for sun tan. Overall my experience was okay and the clerk recommends best time to visits is Tuesday and Wednesday. When I left the clerk gave me a $7.00 discount coupon for next visit. This place also got a place to test HIV onsite, and result available within 20 minutes. I will visit against next Tuesday.

    • mascm2m
      mascm2m Over a year ago
      Hates it

      No Class
      This is such a shame. The place is so convenient, but they need to read these and other reviews. I've been to Europe and THEY know how to do bathhouses. They are 1st class! They are clean, taken care of, beautiful places. Why can't LA get with the program. This is opportunity wasted as far as I'm concerned. My husband and I would be MORE than willing to frequent a place with class. This place is no better than any other place in LA...NO CLASS!!!

    • whoknowsreally
      whoknowsreally Over a year ago
      Hates it

      much better than expected
      Wow, for such a bad rep this place has, you think it would&#039;ve been horrible, but....shock and horror... It was one of the hottest and low key bathhouses I&#039;ve ever been too. Much hotter guys then flex, melrose spa, or midtowne. They&#039;re much laxer on Anti smoking rules too. Hollywood spa may be the king of debauchery, but this place is my new favorite for low key quality.

    • Saddlelane
      Saddlelane Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice place to visit
      specialy on tuesday with special and trio on the sundeck...