Varsity Gay League's BRAINGASM Trivia Night


Varsity Gay League's very first monthly trivia night! WIN MONEY!

Braingasm is going to be a trivia night for the ages. Teams of 4 will take on some challenging trivia in a variety of categories with the hopes that they can reign as the straightest shooter of the bunch.

Master of Ceremonies, Wes Kauble, will be asking 6 questions per round, and after hearing the questions, teams will have approximately 5 minutes to work together (no phones, iPads) to submit their answers! Categories will range from pop culture to academia. Make sure your team has a good group of smarties!

Points increase each round with the questions becoming tougher. So at any point, it can be anyone's game!

The winning team will win a cash prize!! Prize goes up with more teams - so bring as many as friends as possible to compete!

$15 a player or $60 a team!

Drink specials will be going on and a few freebie shots for some high scoring teams!

Can't wait to see you there!!


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